BLOG: A Writing Career Is Way More Than Just Writing

When I decided to start writing books again, the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that an author career today is far different than an author career of days past. It was always difficult to write the book and then secure an agent or a publishing contract, but that was pretty much the way of the industry back when. NOW, thanks to the Internet, it takes way more than just writing a book. I decided to put my hand into the world of independent publishing. In so doing, it was necessary for me to learn the business side of the industry. Marketing, sales, demographics, advertising, cycle trends, peak traffic points, all things that in days of old an entire team would be in place to do.


I don’t have that. It’s just me. It’s not as easy as it seems to make a profit. There are tricks, there are strategies, there are scammers and tinkers with their old gypsy ways trying to make a buck. There are unwritten rules and expectations. All of these things. But there’s also a community, an honor, a code. There’s support for one another. Things that weren’t common in days of old. It was a cut-throat business and it was hard to make a career at it. Nowadays, it’s possible . . . but it’s an industry. Like any other job, there’s a long learning period if you’re going to be good at it. It took me almost a year to reach that “OMG! I’ve GOT IT!!” moment. A lot of work, courses, and, yes, money. So much money sometimes I felt guilty and like I should stop writing, or at least stop publishing. Whenever I hit that low point, I’d get some note or message from a fan telling me how much they enjoyed my book and asking when the next one was coming. That made me keep at it.

So, this is the biggest thing I’ve learned, more than the enormous skill-set I needed to develop to be successful, but how complicated the whole back-process is of becoming successful as an independent author. I love what I do, every day. I lay awake at night sometimes because my mind won’t shut off from ideas and epiphanies. I hop out of bed in the morning to check my statistics and emails. I have a vigor that I haven’t had in years. It just goes to show, do what you love and you’ll find a way to make a living at it.



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