BLOG:  Afterparty letdown

So, here I am. After months of writing my latest masterpiece, choosing just the right cover, coming up with just the right blurb, setting up advertising and marketing, getting the word out, and then finally the actual launch itself (yes, I know, this is a run-on sentence. Who cares). All the anticipation, all the build-up, like getting ready for the party of the year, relishing in every detail, anticipating the event, checking your lists, making sure you didn’t miss even one detail. Then the day comes. You sit back and amaze yourself at all your hard work and that you actually pulled it off. When the party is over and you relive every moment of the event in your mind over the next several days, you wonder, ‘now what?’

That’s what it’s like for me with every new release. I absolutely love the endorphins being released as the story unfolds itself to me, bringing my brain to a place of euphoric calmness. It centers me like a calming yoga routine. Then, the edits as I polish and fill in the blanks, like forming the perfect chocolate mold with the best ingredients. Going through images for possible cover art . . . that moment that you know it when you see it with the perfect image. After weeks, maybe months, of this, I start the marketing and business side of the process. The excitement starts to build as the publicity picture starts coming together, another art form in its own right. Then the day comes to launch the book. You watch it come alive online, then constantly check your numbers all day long, practically wearing out the refresh button. Within days, the dust starts to settle and you’re left with, ‘Well that’s over. Now what?’

That’s where I am right now. The Billionaire’s Miracle Family is a hit, amazing reviews, making more money than any of my previous books did at new release, albeit not as much as other authors I’ve seen, but for me, it was huge. It was the party of the year for me. And now I sit here, writing this blog, wondering if I can do better. Write an even better, more enjoyable book. Do more marketing and wondering if I should take a course to learn more about marketing for authors. I’m in that lull of wanting to get that euphoria going again, get that exciting adrenaline up and flowing again, having so many story ideas that I don’t know where to begin. Again. Writing is nothing if not addicting. In a very good way.

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